Public & Private Collections

Public & Private Collections




S. Sprengnagel, Vienna / Austria

A. Jöchtel, Linz / Austria

W. Uccia, Bregenz / Austria

A. Kain, Linz / Austria

L. Timpani, Roma    / ITALY

P. Loscalzo, Milano / ITALY

M. Huggins, Florida / USA

C. Turner, New York / USA

L. Akeson, Chicago   / USA

S.  Barfield, Woodstock / USA

J. Klammer, Berlin / GERMANY

M. Jütte, Duisburg / GERMANY

C. Furthwängler, Nürnberg / GERMANY

A. Mahmoud Nour, Cairo / EGYPT



Collections -List is not exhaustive.   Not all collections are reported to me as an artist.

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