In the light of this manifesto, infused with an unshakeable vision of art that breaks boundaries and fuses disciplines, we, the artists of the 21st century, raise our voices in a new declaration. Born out of necessity, this manifesto reflects the omnipresent nature of art in our era and seeks a new synthesis of contemporary art forms.

We recognise in art a testimony of our plastic era, a material that penetrates our reality not just through its physical presence but also through its cultural significance. It’s a mirror of our times, a symbol of insatiable human curiosity and our unquenchable thirst for progress. Yet, within this progress lies a stark warning – the threat to our natural world, the plasticization of the Earth, the need for sustainability, and respectful engagement with the limits of our planet and its inhabitants.

Our art aims to explore the complexity and layers of this relationship. It becomes a transdisciplinary dialogue, a melding of sounds, colours, forms, and ideas reflected in the infinity of art. We borrow elements from the past, inspired by great thinkers and artists who’ve illuminated our paths, and blend them with the opportunities and challenges of our time.

We seek ecological reflection, a critical engagement with the materials surrounding us. Our works aim not just to be aesthetically pleasing, but also to provoke thought, to question and rethink our relationship with the world. Each piece of art becomes a statement, a commentary on the current ecological crisis and our potential to overcome it.

This manifesto is also a dialogue with the past and the future. We draw inspiration from the artistic creation of works that consider our relationship with materials in a new dynamic context. We reflect on the historical role of art and its influence on our culture, while envisioning a future where art, nature, and humanity exist in a harmonious, sustainable relationship.

Our artistic practice becomes an act of resistance against the throwaway mentality, boundless wastage, exploitation, and environmental destruction. At the same time, it’s an expression of hope and a quest for equality. We aim to create an awareness that goes beyond aesthetics, redefining the materiality of our world, its ecology, and its art.

We call for a new era of art in which recycling and reuse are not just practised but celebrated. Our creations should not only witness the problem but also show solutions. An artwork made entirely from recycled materials could demonstrate the beauty and potential of reuse, while also prompting reflection on our consumption.

This manifesto is a call to all artists, thinkers, and creators to join us. Together, we will create art that touches the senses, the heart, and the mind – for a world where art marks not the end, but the beginning of a new, responsible engagement with our world and its future.


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