Steininger was born in Austria in 1977 and is a professional contemporary artist exhibiting worldwide. He has always been interested in the arts, and after completing an apprenticeship as a fitter, he began working in theater companies and houses of art.  He has a bachelor’s degree in room and design strategies from the University of Art in Linz and pursued international academic study in art, focusing on shaping his interdisciplinary aesthetics. He visited the University of Art in Berlin and the TU Berlin Institute Acoustic Field Theory to develop greater appreciation for acoustics, aural architecture, minimal arts, and soft sculpture. Through the years, Steininger has become an academic researcher with intellectual and scholarly interests, including innovative acoustics, aural architecture, and soft sculpture. Steininger’s artistic vision is further enriched by his theatre background, which has taught him the importance of creative expression and emotional depth.

Currently, Steininger is sharing his knowledge and passion with the next generation of artists as a design and technology teacher at the University of Art in Linz. He also lends his expertise as an arthandler for the Kunstsammlung des Landes Oberösterreich in Linz, further cementing his place in the art world.


I 2021 I ongoing

Teaching assignment  for Design and Technology at the University of Art  I Linz


Department: _ Art & Education 

I 2021 I ongoing

Arthandling ” dieKunstsammlung des Landes Oberösterreich   I Linz

I 2012

Ph.D.– studies at the University of Art and Design I annulliert 

Department: _ Space & Design strategies

I 2011

second Master’s degree study  at the University of Art and Design I

Department: _ Space & Design strategies

2010 I 2011

Guest Student at the Technical University of Berlin I

Department:  _Engineering Acoustics

I 2010  

UdK University,  education and specializing in auditive architecture I

Department: _Auditive Architecture

2008 I 2010

Master’s degree study at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) I

Department:  Acoustic Communication &  Sound Studies


2004 I 2008 

Bachelor studies degree study  at the University of Art and Design I
Department: _ Space & Design strategies




2004 I  Employment contract with Theater Phoenix Linz I

2003 I 2005  

Non-degree study program at Bruckner Conservatory I

Department: Studio for Advanced Music & Media Technology

I 2003  Employment contract with Upper Austrian Culture Quarter I

2002 I 2003

World tour to I Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, China I    

2000 I 2002

Employment contract with Theater Phoenix Linz I

I 2000 W.T.R. announce Foundation , Production and DSTR. Music Bands I

1999 I 2000

Technical Assistant (TA) at Culture – Center Bruckmühle I

1999 I Multiskilling and retraining on Direct Marketing College I

1997 I 1998 

Employment contract with National public broadcaster  ORF I

I 1998 Self-employed Sound_Engineer,  State of Upper Austria I

1997 I

Education for audio technician & audio technology Professional 

I 1997   Voluntary at

              Culture Club StwSt Linz

              Culture Club Zuckerfabrik

1996 I Community- Service in upper Austria,  Samariterbund Ooe  I 

1992 I 1996 Apprenticeship Machinist,  EBNER


Universität für künstlerische und industrielle Gestaltung Linz





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