I am an Austrian artist who works very directly on expanding the concept of sculpture in the 21st century. I laid my foundations for my artistic career with studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin and Linz. I harness the inherent qualities of my materials by using their textural appeal to create layers and depth, and to encourage emotive and subjective responses in the viewer.

The exploration of visual and spatial relationships between painting and sculpture lies at the heart of my work, and I employ soft vinyl as my primary material to enhance the sculptural aspect of my pieces. Through direct tracing and embossing of shapes and lines onto the vinyl layers, I am able to manipulate the material and turn it into individual bas-reliefs that rise from the background surface. The soft vinyl material also allows me to create air-supported works, which adds another dimension to my pieces. Inflating the vinyl structures creates a unique sensory experience for the viewer, as the artwork exists in a state of constant movement and change, with the air supporting the soft vinyl structures. This combination of air and soft vinyl highlights my interest in exploring the interplay between different materials and textures, which blurs the lines between painting and sculpture. My innovative use of materials allows me to create hybrid paintings that function as the embodiment of the objects they depict. By focusing on the essential qualities of air, I am able to transform each sculpture into a representation of pure air. Through my work, I challenge traditional ideas of how painting and sculpture interact with one another and aim to create dynamic visual and tactile experiences for the viewer.

The core focus is ‘Spatialism,’ which has had a deep impact and influence on my artistic work. This movemnt deals with the immediate spatial quality of sculptures and paintings, breaking the two-dimensionality of traditional images. It also includes creating a sense of space through acoustic treatments. I had a vision to shape the transformative qualities of sound in a space by using inflatable art on walls. By incorporating my sculpture-paintings into a space, they can help to diffuse and absorb sound waves, resulting in better acoustics. Additionally, my inflatable art on walls can also serve as a unique and visually striking element of the space’s design, creating an immersive and memorable experience.














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