. Insane in the Membrane

The focus of my work is the experimental handling of form and materiality. In the interplay of reduced formal language with the colorfulness and haptic of the vinyl material, works between relief and painting are created in multiple layerings. 

I developed new unique forms in décor Sculptures and other Soft Art Forms as a new and innovative medium. Each sculpture is a transformation of pure air.

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Two aspects are characteristic of my air_LUFT_ pieces the shape of the plastic body, on the one hand the outer shell, the form as it presents itself to the outside, with its spatial extension, its bulges and indentations, and on the other hand the inner framework with air, the structure of the sculpture, its statics, reflected in the malleability of the plastic material and the air-supported content of the sculpture.



. *“Associations on Objects by Jeff  Koons or soft sculptures by recognized American artists –  Claes Oldenburg. Shows the art-historical dimension Steininger’s art….sic. .. the smooth cut in Lucio Fontanas Pictures. ..the air chambers .. remain the bulge out and push out of the border frame. sic. ….space towards the viewer and whisper forbidden  „Touch me!“ „

  • TEXT by in:  GFK MAGAZIN 1/1 2020 





. High- Relief Sculpture – Plastics

The works and the artistic vocabulary of the austrian Artist, johannes steininger m.a. m a looks at materials through visual qualities, textures, surfaces, and colors. 

Some sculptures mark their own air_forms in space while others provide a line vector for possible bulge-out trajectories. It is about surface highlighting, shaped with a very three-dimensional material: Soft -Vinyl  &  the energetic potential of AIR.

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