As an ultra-contemporary Austrian artist, my commitment is to expand the horizons of sculpture in the 21st century, profoundly inspired by the ubiquitous presence of plastic, a hallmark material of the Petromodern era. My artistic odyssey began with a robust educational foundation at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin and Linz, establishing a base from which my creative exploration has thrived.

At the core of my artistic pursuit is an in-depth exploration of the visual and spatial dynamics between painting and sculpture. I utilize the versatility of soft vinyl (Polyvinyl chloride) as my art sujet, with air serving as the primary medium, applying techniques of tracing and HF (High Frequency) embossing to shape the material into distinctive high bas-reliefs, constructed from individual solo film slides layered atop each other to form the sculptural, plastic body. This choice of material not only permits me to sculpt with precision but also to explore air-supported structures, introducing a new dimension to my work and underscoring my fascination with the interplay of diverse materials and textures.

In my creative expression, the line is of utmost importance. Its application, whether through bold strokes or subtle contours, thick or thin, gentle or intense, plays a crucial role in conveying the intended narrative and emotional resonance of my pieces. I view the line as the essential ‘language of art,’ a conduit through which varied elements merge, and my artistic vision is articulated.

My approach promotes the creation of hybrid paintings, pieces that blur the traditional boundaries between painting and sculpture, acting as physical embodiments of the objects they depict. By harnessing the fundamental qualities of air, I transform each sculpture into an ethereal representation of this element, mirroring my involvement with avant-garde movements like Spatialism and the Zero group. These movements align with my work, accentuating the spatial nature of sculptures and paintings and challenging the two-dimensionality of conventional images.

Beyond the interaction of materials and textures, my sculptures are designed to engage with and transform spaces, particularly by altering the sound dynamics. The inflatable art structures I craft, when installed on walls, not only visually transform the space but also modify acoustic characteristics, enriching the sonic atmosphere. These pieces, with their visual dynamism and functional versatility, contribute to an immersive, multifaceted environmental experience.

My artistic ambition extends beyond creation; it seeks to provoke thought, to challenge and redefine traditional interactions between painting and sculpture. I aspire to craft experiences that are not only visually compelling and tactilely stimulating but that also evoke a profound, enduring intrigue, reshaping the viewer’s perception of space, form, and texture.









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