The Austrian artist johannes steininger ‘s works consist of 3-dimensional soft sculptures born from the malleable AIR protruding from 2-dimensional prepare vinyl layer planes. The artist shapes an incredible surface structure, to have his air-works escape from the ordinary 2-dimensional confinement. Three-dimensionality is about consisting of volume.  He initially applied the objects in several layers, to creating ever stronger reliefs.

johannessteininger’s sculptures are content and medium at the same time. He deals with perception and the aspect of the medium Air. The function of a three-dimensional object and its carrier the Air is explored, often constructed and put into a new order of crossover of material painting & wall sculptures. The different light qualities completes the paintings sculptures and is thematized by the different bulged out parts of the works which are stratified.



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Fucking LOVE this piece man, so good.!

Love your concept with  Soft Sculpture art & the abstractions you create are brilliant!!!

Super obsessed with ALLLLLLLL of your work 💜

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