Johannes Steininger, LINZER born in 1977, is an Austrian who works very directly on expanding the concept of sculpture in the 20th century and always precisely on the lines of development of the ZERO avant-garde: creating a profound connection between artist, canvas, and viewer, as well the ephemeral character of the work. Steininger laid the foundations for his artistic career with both studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin and Linz.


The wall objects are  air- bas-reliefs, which are precisely built up with the suppleness of various layered flexible plastic films, layer by layer with creative qualities and shaped with air. The resulting image objects create the physical presence and, through their material nature and the characteristic pure character of the air, claim a formal relationship to the physicality. Described as Soft-Sculptures with sophisticated aesthetics that is unique in it’s interplay of lights and shadows, innovative use of industrial materials, and the intergration of translucent and/or opaque monochrome  colors with form.            

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