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As an ultra-contemporary Austrian artist, my commitment is to expand the horizons of sculpture in the 21st century, profoundly inspired by the ubiquitous presence of plastic, a hallmark material of the Petromodern era. My artistic odyssey began with a robust educational foundation at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin and Linz, establishing a base from which my creative exploration has thrived.

At the core of my artistic pursuit is an in-depth exploration of the visual and spatial dynamics between painting and sculpture. I utilize the versatility of soft vinyl (Polyvinyl chloride) as my art sujet, with air serving as the primary medium, applying techniques of tracing and HF (High Frequency) embossing to shape the material into distinctive high bas-reliefs, constructed from individual solo film slides layered atop each other to form the sculptural, plastic body. This choice of material not only permits me to sculpt with precision but also to explore air-supported structures, introducing a new dimension to my work and underscoring my fascination with the interplay of diverse materials and textures.

In my creative expression, the line is of utmost importance. Its application, whether through bold strokes or subtle contours, thick or thin, gentle or intense, plays a crucial role in conveying the intended narrative and emotional resonance of my pieces. I view the line as the essential ‘language of art,’ a conduit through which varied elements merge, and my artistic vision is articulated.

My approach promotes the creation of hybrid paintings, pieces that blur the traditional boundaries between painting and sculpture, acting as physical embodiments of the objects they depict. By harnessing the fundamental qualities of air, I transform each sculpture into an ethereal representation of this element, mirroring my involvement with avant-garde movements like Spatialism and the Zero group. These movements align with my work, accentuating the spatial nature of sculptures and paintings and challenging the two-dimensionality of conventional images.

Beyond the interaction of materials and textures, my sculptures are designed to engage with and transform spaces, particularly by altering the sound dynamics. The inflatable art structures I craft, when installed on walls, not only visually transform the space but also modify acoustic characteristics, enriching the sonic atmosphere. These pieces, with their visual dynamism and functional versatility, contribute to an immersive, multifaceted environmental experience.

My artistic ambition extends beyond creation; it seeks to provoke thought, to challenge and redefine traditional interactions between painting and sculpture. I aspire to craft experiences that are not only visually compelling and tactilely stimulating but that also evoke a profound, enduring intrigue, reshaping the viewer’s perception of space, form, and texture.


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Steininger was born in Austria in 1977 and is a professional contemporary artist exhibiting worldwide. He has always been interested in the arts, and after completing an apprenticeship as a fitter, he began working in theater companies and houses of art.  He has a bachelor’s degree in room and design strategies from the University of Art in Linz and pursued international academic study in art, focusing on shaping his interdisciplinary aesthetics. He visited the University of Art in Berlin and the TU Berlin Institute Acoustic Field Theory to develop greater appreciation for acoustics, aural architecture, minimal arts, and soft sculpture. Through the years, Steininger has become an academic researcher with intellectual and scholarly interests, including innovative acoustics, aural architecture, and soft sculpture. Steininger’s artistic vision is further enriched by his theatre background, which has taught him the importance of creative expression and emotional depth.

Currently, Steininger is sharing his knowledge and passion with the next generation of artists as a design and technology teacher at the University of Art in Linz. He also lends his expertise as an arthandler for the Kunstsammlung des Landes Oberösterreich in Linz, further cementing his place in the art world.


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I 2021 I ongoing

Teaching assignment  for Design and Technology at the University of Art  I Linz


Department: _ Art & Education 

I 2021 I ongoing

Arthandling ” dieKunstsammlung des Landes Oberösterreich   I Linz

I 2012

Ph.D.– studies at the University of Art and Design I annulliert 

Department: _ Space & Design strategies

I 2011

second Master’s degree study  at the University of Art and Design I

Department: _ Space & Design strategies

2010 I 2011

Guest Student at the Technical University of Berlin I

Department:  _Engineering Acoustics

I 2010  

UdK University,  education and specializing in auditive architecture I

Department: _Auditive Architecture

2008 I 2010

Master’s degree study at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) I

Department:  Acoustic Communication &  Sound Studies


2004 I 2008 

Bachelor studies degree study  at the University of Art and Design I
Department: _ Space & Design strategies





2004 I  Employment contract with Theater Phoenix Linz I

2003 I 2005  

Non-degree study program at Bruckner Conservatory I

Department: Studio for Advanced Music & Media Technology

I 2003  Employment contract with Upper Austrian Culture Quarter I

2002 I 2003

World tour to I Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, China I    

2000 I 2002

Employment contract with Theater Phoenix Linz I

I 2000 W.T.R. announce Foundation , Production and DSTR. Music Bands I

1999 I 2000

Technical Assistant (TA) at Culture – Center Bruckmühle I

1999 I Multiskilling and retraining on Direct Marketing College I

1997 I 1998 

Employment contract with National public broadcaster  ORF I

I 1998 Self-employed Sound_Engineer,  State of Upper Austria I

1997 I

Education for audio technician & audio technology Professional 

I 1997   Voluntary at

              Culture Club StwSt Linz

              Culture Club Zuckerfabrik

1996 I Community- Service in upper Austria,  Samariterbund Ooe  I 

1992 I 1996 Apprenticeship Machinist,  EBNER


Universität für künstlerische und industrielle Gestaltung Linz



2016 |  RESCUE |  Dschungel Wien & Theater Phönix Linz|   Silk Fluegge 

Regie: Silke Grabinger | Linz  | Wien

2014 | HAPPY PLANET|  Theater Phönix | 

Regie: Heidelinde Leutgöb | Linz

2013 | StadtRauschen LINZ # WIEN # GRAZ | Theaternyx | TheaterFOXFIRE | TaO!

Regie: C. S., C. E., M. W. | Linz

2012 | Autogespräche Theaternyx | Theater Bahnhof Graz

Regie: M. Z., R.P., C.S., E.M.H. I Graz

2012 | wer bin ich n°02, 03, 04 Theaternyx | Nordico Stadtmuseum Linz |

Regie: M. Z., C.S., J.S. M.A. M A | Linz

2011 | 11_Familiengespräche Theaternyx | Exchange Radical Moments!

Regie: M. Zeindlinger | Linz

2011 | Autogespräche Theaternyx | Theater im Bahnhof

Regie: M. Zeindlinger | Linz

2009 | Siebenundzwanzig Theaternyx | Regie: M. Zeindlinger | Linz

2009 | Rumor Hetlab Utrecht |

Regie: G. Vegter | Linz  | Utrecht

2008 | Was ich hörte vom Irak | Theaternyx

Regie: M. Zeindlinger | Linz

2008 | Das Leben schmeckt so Rezeptfrei. | HGKZ Zürich

Regie: M. Haimburger | Zürich

2007 | Drive Theaternyx |

Regie: M. Zeindlinger | Linz

2004 | Maerz und Hanna | Projekttheater Feldkirch |

Regie: S. Lieztlow | Feldkirch

2004 | Unterfischen | Theater | Phoenix Linz| 

Regie: Zeno Stanek | Linz


dieKunstsammlung des Landes Oö.










2009 | Radiospotting |  Autor: H. Gebhartl | Linz

2007 | Europe Flagship on Tour | Trilogie

Regie: M. Haimburger Institut: Raum & Designstrategien | Bratislava

2007 | ReCut |  Institut: Raum und Designstrategien|

Regie: M. Haimburger| Linz

2002 | Skate and Destroy |

Regie: M. Music | Linz






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In addition to the experimental “MONO_AUX_WORKS” Johannes Steininger M.A. M A also produces larger-scale pieces that serve as his principal works. These “MASTER_WORKS” embody the culmination of his artistic vision, drawing upon the discoveries and innovations made through the exploration of smaller formats. While the MONO_AUX_WORKS act as a testing ground for new ideas and techniques, the MASTER_WORKS” represent the refined expression of these concepts on a grander scale. They showcase the full breadth of Steininger’s artistic prowess, incorporating elements of experimentation and innovation alongside a heightened sense of maturity and complexity. By juxtaposing the experimental nature of the MONO_AUX_WORKS with the sophistication of the MASTER_WORKS, Steininger creates a dynamic dialogue between the two bodies of work. Each informs and enriches the other, demonstrating the evolution of his artistic practice and the depth of his creative vision.

For inquiries regarding the MASTER_WORKS, opportunities for exhibitions in galleries and museums, or for collectors interested in acquiring pieces, please feel free to contact me directly. You can reach me via email at or via Contact Form. I welcome the chance to discuss my artwork further and explore potential collaborations with collectors.


The “MONO_AUX_WORKS” represent small-format pieces by Johannes Steininger M.A. M A, in his experimental art practice, aimed at exploring new techniques and concepts. By utilizing multi-layered PVC Solo sheets as material for these inflatable air sculptures, the artists open up new avenues of design and expression. These experimental works serve as a laboratory for artistic innovation, where each step and discovery paves the way for larger projects. The creative exploration of smaller formats allows for the exploration of new methods of material use, shaping, and artistic conception, which can then be further developed in larger works. Furthermore, these experimental works serve as creative exercises that enrich and deepen the artistic process. They provide artists with the freedom to take risks, push boundaries, and explore new aesthetic possibilities without being constrained by the limitations of larger projects.  “MONO_AUX_WORKS”are offered to collectors at our store..   HERE.


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