Titled No.: NBinkWBBL1801, this distinctive artwork is an exquisite fusion of soft sculpture, air sculpture, and inflatable art, crafted in 2022. The piece consists of materials such as soft vinyl, plastic, wood, textile, rubber, and air, creating a distinct texture and a vivid three-dimensional appearance.
The art piece showcases a striking neon blue glossy surface, accented by a bas-relief pattern achieved by texturing the second ink layer. This technique produces a remarkable three-dimensional protrusion from the vinyl base, highlighted by three distinct lines. Conveniently, the inflation valve is located on the front, enabling effortless inflation or deflation.

Constructed with multiple layers of vinyl encapsulating air, the artwork presents a fascinating plasticity, forming an eye-catching high-relief surface. Its dimensions, standing at 32 cm tall, 26 cm wide, and 5 cm deep, make it an ideal fit for any interior space.

This artwork stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of art and technology, integrating soft sculpture, air sculpture, and inflatable art into one magnificent creation. It promises to engage and inspire viewers, making it an outstanding addition to any collection of art.

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