Art.-Nr. 00001

a soft high relief pattern in a diffuse surface, a layer composition of acryl silver and yellow
color. & shaped dotted Lines, which rises up to a three-dimensionally with a bulge- out from the vinyl ground with AIR.
The Inflation valve is placed in the FRONT -Surface.

Made from several vinyl layers and air Inside gives the plastic reshaping and bulge- out (the high-relief) of the surface causes.

Framed with a Vintage wood oval shaped FRAME.


Name of work: SGBBBL1711

Categories: Soft-Sculptures, Air-Sculptures, Inflatable- Art

Year of creation: 2020

Value of the work, approx. in euros: 220,- €

Materials: soft vinyl, plastic, wood, textile & rubber & air

Dimensions: cm. 28 (H) °— 23 (W) °— 4 (D) ° _.

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