Entitled "NYinkWBBL2001", this arresting piece represents a remarkable blend of soft sculpture, air sculpture, and inflatable art, crafted in 2022. It incorporates materials such as soft vinyl, plastic, wood, textile, rubber, and air, offering a distinctive texture and an impressive three-dimensional presence.
The artwork boasts a radiant neon yellow glossy surface, set against a bas-relief pattern that emerges from the second ink layer, which is meticulously textured. This approach yields an impactful three-dimensional prominence that emerges from the vinyl base, accented by three defined lines. An inflation valve is thoughtfully positioned on the front surface, facilitating straightforward inflation and deflation.
Constructed with multiple layers of vinyl enclosing air, the artwork manifests a captivating reshaping and protrusion effect, presenting an attractive high-relief texture. Measuring 32 cm in height, 26 cm in width, and 5 cm in depth, its dimensions make it an impeccable addition to any space.

This piece exemplifies the convergence of art and innovation, melding soft sculpture, air sculpture, and inflatable art into one extraordinary composition. The vibrant neon yellow hue of the surface enhances the artwork's boldness and allure, making it a striking piece bound to captivate and impress. It stands as a magnificent enrichment to any art collection and is certain to intrigue and inspire all who behold it.

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